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Reverb // Expert Guide

This fully comprehensive guide to reverb educates you on all of the common controls presented in software reverbs. After completing the 28 lessons, you will have the knowledge and confidence to dial in the correct settings time after time.


Discovery // Indie Dance Full-Size Library

A sample library that is at the forefront of cutting edge design. Empowering producers to continue pushing the scene forward and into new unfound territories. Over 700 expertly designed and processed samples. Recorded at 110 & 118 BPM.



Rectify // u-he Diva Presets

Rectify has it all, a flavour of modern, vintage and futuristic, all combined in one bank of 107 presets for u-he Diva synthesizer.

Pegasus Note

Pegasus Note // MIDI Files

Each of the 107 MIDI files is a new song idea waiting to be released. Fully comprehensive MIDIs that contain more than just top lines.


Pulse // Xfer Serum Presets

Pulse is a powerful new preset library that transfers the sonic imprint of Eurorack modules into Xfer Serum. A world first in sound design.


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Tegra // Start To Finish

A complete start to finish tutorial. James guides you though his production process of creating a melodic techno track from scratch.

Pigments Expert Guide

Pigments // Expert Guide

Every parameter covered in detail. 24 carefully planned lessons that dig deep into the synth architecture and signal flow.

Mark Reeve // Studio Feed

Reset Robot // Studio Feed

Discover how Reset Robot creates a track from scratch. Watch and learn the creative process from start to finish.


Analog Four Presets

Signal // Elektron Analog Four Presets

Freshen up your Elektron Analog Four sound library. Signal is a collection of cutting edge sounds designed specifically for the modern techno producer. Warm, chaotic and full of character.

Subzero // Moog Sub 37 Presets

Subzero // Moog Sub 37 Presets

The beginning of the Audiotent Analog Series. 107 Presets, MIDI and wav loops for the iconic Moog Sub37 synthesiser.


Rob Hes

Rob Hes

Pursuit, Tronic, Bedrock

“I’m really a fan of the presets you make. Especially for my favourite synths like the Arturia SEM and Korg Minilogue. Also really use the sample hits a lot, great stuff! Can't wait for new packs!”



Pryda, Last Night On Earth, Selador

“These guys are putting some amazing packs together. From showcasing how to write a whole track to amazingly detailed presets in some of my favourite ‘go-to’ plugins. Top stuff!”



Armada, Be Yourself, Statement!

“The Audiotent preset packs I've got are my go to packs when I initiate new projects. A lot of them come with MIDI ideas which will give you instant inspiration. The packs are super organised and always include a wide variety of different sounds. I haven't found any other sound sets that are of this high quality standard and give me so much inspiration.”