Tone Control // Full-Size Library

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Unleash the pulsating energy of the raw/hypnotic underground with Tone Control. The perfect choice for producers looking to push the boundaries.


Tone Control was designed to give you instant results. Mix and match over 700 samples and generate countless complete tracks. Every sound is tailored to ensure your productions not only meet the highest standards but set new ones.

What's Inside:

• Over 330 modular loops
• 185 drum one-shots, including kicks, snares, claps, hi-hats, and percussion
• Over 200 expertly crafted 909 drum loops

Modular Sourced Synth Sounds

Unlock endless possibilities with synth sounds sourced from state-of-the-art modular systems. Each patch is expertly crafted to deliver rich, evolving textures, hypnotic riffs, thick rolling basslines, and much more.

909 Punch

Infuse your beats with the legendary punch of the 909. This library features an extensive collection of 909 drum samples, meticulously captured and processed to deliver the classic techno groove. From thundering kicks and snappy snares to crisp hi-hats and detailed percussion, these sounds are the cornerstone of any techno track.

Sample Previews

Listen to a selection of the sounds included inside the full library.

AT Tone Control Bass - Control 130 G#m

AT Tone Control Bass - Tribe 130 Fm

AT Tone Control Chord - Dynamite 130 Am

AT Tone Control Chord - Lost 138 A#m

AT Tone Control Drum - Decay 130 Full

AT Tone Control Drum - HalfTime 130 Full

AT Tone Control Drum - Square 138 Full

AT Tone Control FX - Aliens 130

AT Tone Control FX - Atlantix 138

AT Tone Control Pad - Texturized 130 D#m

AT Tone Control Pad - Vibe 130 F

AT Tone Control Percussion - TunedRes 130

AT Tone Control Percussion - VariMu 138

AT Tone Control Sub - Texture 138 G#m

AT Tone Control Sub - Toms 138 G#m

AT Tone Control Synth - Gravity 138 Fm

AT Tone Control Synth - Verbs 130 Dm

AT Tone Control Texture - Orb 138

AT Tone Control Texture - Pole 138

AT Tone Control Top - Cream 138

AT Tone Control Top - Metal 138


Audio WAV Loops


Single Hit Drum Samples


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