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Custom synth processing racks designed to make you work faster and be more creative. The 7 racks will save you hours of tweaking and enable you to dial in the sound you require.


Introducing Mutate, seven powerful and practical synth processing racks for Ableton Live.

The concept was to design a collection of racks that deliver our go-to effect chains when processing dry software instruments and hardware synthesizers. Get tight, focussed basslines, powerful leads that cut through a mix and lush ambient pads.

These custom designed racks will save you hours of tweaking and enable you to be more creative with your time.


Bass - Black

A sub bass focussed rack that helps you pin down your low-end. Dirty distortion and transient enhancement.

Bass - Blue

Matched Pultec EQ curves for the classic Pultec trick. Saturation and compression that thickens up your source signal.

Lead - Orange

Big delay and reverbs that drive into multiband compression for dynamics control. Twist remix to work some magic and alter the pattern of your incoming sound.

Lead - Pink

Short delays and reverb to help position your lead sound. EQ and saturation help bring your leads to the front of the mix.

Keys - Yellow

Transient control and go-to EQ settings for synth keys. Crush and saturate deliver pleasing results to transform your synth patch.

Pad - Purple

This rack can send your otherwise static pads into completely new realms. Distortion, drift, huge reverb and crazy modulation are included in large doses.

Filter - Green

The filter rack is the fastest way to convert standard synth patches into something outstanding. Moving filters, creative effects and compression to control dynamics.


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