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The Mirage FX Loop library cuts down FX sound design time, leaving more room for creativity.

A total of 107 FX loops that give you fast results. Perfect for adding tension in a build up, creative impacts to signify a new section in your track or helping transition from one part to the next.  

All 124 BPM loops are designed and named for their task. Downlifter, Uplifter, Noise, Impact and misc. This library will be your go-to for years to come.

Sample Previews

Listen to a selection of the sounds included inside the sample library.

04 AT Mirage FX Downlifter - Tape 124

14 AT Mirage FX Downlifter - Siren 124

21 AT Mirage FX Downlifter - Fooger 124

29 AT Mirage FX Uplifter - Storm 124

41 AT Mirage FX Uplifter - Opal 124

47 AT Mirage FX Uplifter - Smoke 124

59 AT Mirage FX Noise - Airport 124

66 AT Mirage FX Noise - Turn 124

74 AT Mirage FX Noise - Ambience 124

94 AT Mirage FX Impact - Gong 124

95 AT Mirage FX Misc - Mooger 124

105 AT Mirage FX Misc - Drop 124


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