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Designed for producers of organic house, electronica, techno and beyond, KODEC is a gold mine of sonic potential. All loops recorded at 119 BPM.

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From intricate percussive patterns to deep, driving beats, KODEC offers a versatile selection of rhythmic elements that will infuse your tracks with compelling grooves.

KODEC is not merely a collection of sounds; it is an invitation to explore a meticulously designed musical palette where every sample tells a story. Dive into the captivating melodies that evoke distant memories, or use the pulsating energy from the intricate rhythm textures. Each element has been designed with precision, ensuring that your compositions achieve their highest potential.

Attention to detail

Every sample in KODEC has been expertly processed and polished, ensuring that they fit seamlessly into your mix with minimal effort.

Textured melodies

Texture and vibe is always at the forefront of our sample design process. KODEC is no exception to that, packed full of unique timbres and tonal qualities, ready to inspire your next hit.

Sample Previews

Listen to a selection of the sounds included inside the full library.

AT Kodec Bass - Cocoon 119 A#

AT Kodec Bass - Elektrik 119 B

AT Kodec Chord - Distance 119 A#m

AT Kodec Chord - Fragments 119 Am

AT Kodec Drum - Deeper 119 Full

AT Kodec Drum - Explorer 119 Full

AT Kodec Drum - Tape 119 Full

AT Kodec Pad - Fictional 119 Em

AT Kodec Pad - Sentient 119 Cm

AT Kodec Pad - Swoops 119 Gm

AT Kodec Percussion - Abyss 119

AT Kodec Percussion - Drummer 119

AT Kodec Percussion - Grit 119

AT Kodec Percussion - Passive 119

AT Kodec Rhythm - Progress 119

AT Kodec Rhythm - Variance 119

AT Kodec Rhythm - Vision 119

AT Kodec Synth - Echoleffe 119 Am

AT Kodec Synth - Modulated 119 A#m

AT Kodec Top - Fusion 119

AT Kodec Top - Layer 119

Standard Edition

  • 266 x Loop Samples
  • 95 x Single Drum Hit Samples
Deluxe Edition

  • 266 x Loop Samples
  • 95 x Single Drum Hit Samples
  • 76 x MIDI Files


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