Altitude // Arturia JUP-8 V4 Presets

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A collection of 107 presets that capture the iconic analog warmth of the Jupiter-8, transformed for modern productions. Please note: This preset library only works with the newer version 4 of the Arturia JUP-8 V. If you are unsure what version you own, click 'about' inside the plugin menu.

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Altitude was developed to provide you with a selection of cutting-edge basslines, captivating keys , hypnotic leads, and dynamic pads, all crafted to infuse your tracks with the energy and innovation of today's techno scene. Each preset leverages the legendary analog warmth and precision of the Jupiter-8, providing you with a versatile toolkit for your future productions.

Choose the deluxe edition and get the 107 matching MIDI files for each preset. Offering you full flexibility and customisation. You can tweak the notes to fit your unique style and vision, combining the benefits of pre-made consistency with personal creativity.

To use the presets you will need to already own:
Arturia JUP-8 V or higher


Preset Previews

AT BASS - Bard G#m

AT BASS - Cellular Fm

AT BASS - Direction Cm

AT BASS - Fornax Fm

AT BASS - Supercharge Am

AT SUB TOOL - Sphere Center Gm

AT LEAD - Blizzard D#m

AT LEAD - Fluid Dm

AT LEAD - Fortune Cm

AT LEAD - Modulator A#m

AT LEAD - Obey D#m

AT LEAD - Paradox Em

AT KEY - Azur Cm

AT KEY - Pierce Cm

AT KEY - Tale A#m

AT PAD - Cluster Cm

AT PAD - Ethereal Cm

AT PAD - Forest G#m

AT PAD - Glitched Reality Cm

AT PAD - Irreversible G#m

AT PAD - Patch A#m

Standard Edition

For producers that just want the presets

  • 107 Arturia JUP-8 V4 Presets
Deluxe Edition

For producers that want total control

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  • 107 Arturia JUP-8 V4 Presets
  • 107 Matching MIDI Files
  • 107 Key-labelled Melodic Wav Loops


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