10 Lessons • 20 Videos • 5 hours 31 mins
• Stream the videos anytime online. No download
• Study inside the comfort of your own studio
• Learn the tips & techniques Fehrplay has developed over the years
• Watch the creative process unfold from start to finish
• Our longest and most in-depth tutorial to date

Embark on a 5.5-hour exploration into the artistry of Melodic Techno with Fehrplay in our Studio Feed Masterclass. This isn't your typical tutorial; it's a journey through the intricacies of production, where Fehrplay generously shares his complete creative process.

🔍 A Closer Look: Decoding Fehrplay's Production Process

In this masterclass, Fehrplay peels back the curtain, revealing the intricate details that shape his distinctive sound. It's not about shortcuts but a thorough understanding of the craft. From the birth of melodies to the final mix, every step is dissected and explained.

📚 5.5 Hours of Learning: A Knowledge-Rich Experience

Dive into more than 5 hours of raw, unfiltered knowledge from Fehrplay. Every minute is a lesson, equipping you not just with techniques but with the mindset to apply them organically to your own work.

🎵 Navigating Melodies: A Journey Through the Creative Process

One of the highlights of Fehrplay's Studio Feed Masterclass is an intimate exploration of the melody-writing process. Step into the studio with Fehrplay as he shares the ups and downs of crafting captivating melodies and harmonies. Showing you the challenging, yet deeply rewarding aspect of music production.

🚧 Roadblocks Unveiled: Embracing Challenges in Melody Creation

During the course, Fehrplay doesn't just showcase the seamless moments; he delves into the roadblocks encountered during the melody-writing process. See firsthand how a seasoned producer handles challenges, navigates creative blocks and turns moments of difficulty into opportunities for innovation.

🎓 What You'll Take Away: Sneak Peek into the Curriculum

Melody Craftsmanship: Learn to create evocative melodies that resonate authentically.
Sound Shaping: Master the art of sound design to carve your unique sonic identity.
Arrangement Insights: Understand the dynamics of engaging track structures.
Mixing and Mastering Demystified: Elevate your productions with practical tips on the final polish.
Workflow Optimization: Effortlessly navigate your studio, allowing creativity to flow naturally

The lessons are shown within Logic Pro X. However many of the processes can be applied to any DAW.

Don't let this chance pass by. Join Fehrplay's Studio Feed Masterclass and unlock new production techniques that you can use in your productions straight away. Access today and embark on a path to unlock your full melodic potential.

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Course previews

Lesson 1

1 video • 8 min
Video 1 of 20

Hello and welcome to my studio feed masterclass

Lesson 2

Starting a new track
1 video • 9 min
Video 2 of 20
Preparing the project and master chain to work into

Lesson 3

Creating drums from field recordings
2 videos • 41 min
Video 3 of 20
Recording sounds in the woods & designing a clap
Video 4 of 20
Creating hi-hats from the recorded waterfall

Lesson 4

Melody writing
3 videos • 36 min
Video 5 of 20
Creating the initial chord theme
Video 6 of 20
Developing the theme further & adding a bass
Video 7 of 20
Writing the main melody

Lesson 5

1 video • 7 min
Video 8 of 20
Adding a rolling bassline

Lesson 6

Additional drums
1 video • 10 min
Video 9 of 20
Creating more energy in the drums

Lesson 7

Arpeggiator & Mixing
3 videos • 49 min
Video 10 of 20
Programming an arpeggiated top line melody
Video 11 of 20
Processing the arp and mixing the bass
Video 12 of 20
Mixing the arp to fit with the bassline

Lesson 8

New melody & bass
2 videos • 32 min
Video 13 of 20
Writing a new melody
Video 14 of 20
Adding a bass accent & new bass progression

Lesson 9

5 videos • 125 min
Video 15 of 20
Starting the arrangement
Video 16 of 20
Creating transition FX
Video 17 of 20
Reworking the melody & recording Moog Sub 37
Video 18 of 20
Building the breakdown
Video 19 of 20
Final arrangement & automation

Lesson 10

1 video • 14 min
Video 20 of 20
Final tweaks and mastering

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