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Embark on a 5.5-hour exploration into the artistry of Melodic Techno with Fehrplay in our Studio Feed Masterclass. This isn't your typical tutorial; it's a journey through the intricacies of production, where Fehrplay generously shares his complete creative process.

🎓 What You'll Take Away: Sneak Peek into the Curriculum.

Melody Craftsmanship: A journey through the creative writing process.
Sound Shaping: Master the art of sound design to carve your unique sonic identity.
Arrangement Insights: Understand the dynamics of engaging track structures.
Mixing & Mastering Demystified: Elevate your productions with practical tips on the final polish.
Workflow Optimization: Effortlessly navigate your studio, allowing creativity to flow naturally.



Learn the tips & techniques Fehrplay has developed over the years.



Watch the creative process unfold from start to finish.

5+ hours

Watch time

Our longest and most in-depth tutorial to date.

Lesson Plan

  1. Introduction - Welcome to my studio feed masterclass. [8 min]
  2. Starting a New Track - Preparing the project and master chain to work into. [9 min]
  3. Creating Drums from Field Recordings - Recording sounds in the woods & designing a clap. Creating hi-hats from the recorded waterfall. [41 min]
  4. Melody Writing - Creating the initial chord theme and main melody. [36 min]
  5. Bass - Designing a rolling bassline [7 min]
  6. Additional Drums - Creating more energy in the drums. [10 min]
  7. Arpeggiator & Mixing - Programming and processing an arp top line. Mixing the arp to fit with the bass. [49 min]
  8. New Melody & Bass - Writing a new melody. Adding bass accent and progression. [32 min]
  9. Arrangement - Arranging the full track [125 min]
  10. Finalising - Final tweaks and mastering. [14 min]

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