• Your new top secret production tool

    As producers we are always looking for new futuristic sounds. The kind of sounds that make our productions stand out from the crowd and help push the scene forward. Elusive lets you do just that. Giving you fast access to innovative sounds that encourage you to deliver your message as an artist. Just don’t tell everyone, let’s make it our little secret 😉

  • Sound designers dream

    Wavetables by nature open up many creative possibilities and scope for tonal variation. Inviting you to explore modulation assignments to a number of the oscillator control inputs. This is where Massive X really shines and allowed Elusive to become so expressive.

  • Endless timbre choices

    The carefully chosen 8 macros and mod wheel assignments let you change the sound at a turn of a dial. Unlocking even more tones from each patch. The limit range for each macro has been purposefully allocated. Ensuring you get a usable sound from every movement you make.

Modulation powerhouse
At first glance, Massive X can be more than a little overwhelming to look at. Especially as you dig deeper into the 16 dedicated modulators and the extensive routing page. Don’t worry! Our sound designers have learnt the instrument inside out. Removing the learning curve to save you time. That time can be spent producing music and completing tracks faster.
Elusive // Massive X Presets Demo


To use the presets you will need:
  • Native Instruments Massive X v1.3.6 or higher
* Please note: The Native Instruments Massive X plugin is not included.

Preset Previews

Exact preset examples. No external processing applied.

AT Bass - Acids
AT Bass - Azido
AT Bass - Chug
AT Bass - Jilted
AT Bass - Razor
AT Bass - Velocity
AT Bass - Xinema
AT Key - Frogs
AT Key - Lagune
AT Key - Lost
AT Key - Marimba
AT Key - Waves
AT Lead - Dynasty
AT Lead - Glaze
AT Lead - Haute
AT Lead - Rates
AT Lead - Stairs
AT Lead - Transit
AT Pad - Canyon
AT Pad - Digeri
AT Pad - Fort
AT Pad - Quack
AT Pad - South
AT Seq - Maze


Exclusive pack. Only available on

  • 107 x NI Massive X Presets

ADD TO CART - £37.00

See what type of presets are included...
001 AT Bass Acids
002 AT Bass Azido
003 AT Bass Boxed
004 AT Bass Brute
005 AT Bass Chug
006 AT Bass Control
007 AT Bass Decaf
008 AT Bass Doormat
009 AT Bass Duster
010 AT Bass Flex
011 AT Bass Flow
012 AT Bass Formant
013 AT Bass Grind
014 AT Bass Italo
015 AT Bass Jilted
016 AT Bass Knock
017 AT Bass Massive
018 AT Bass Moogy
019 AT Bass Pulsing
020 AT Bass Puncher
021 AT Bass Razor
022 AT Bass Royal
023 AT Bass Shift
024 AT Bass Shiver
025 AT Bass Squared
026 AT Bass Squent
027 AT Bass Statue
028 AT Bass Tumble
029 AT Bass Velocity
030 AT Bass Xinema
031 AT FX Forms
032 AT FX Kicked
033 AT FX Rise
034 AT Key Chicago
035 AT Key Couple
036 AT Key Creak
037 AT Key Digits
038 AT Key Dub
039 AT Key Elastic
040 AT Key Frogs
041 AT Key Hammer
042 AT Key Haunted
043 AT Key Honor
044 AT Key Ivory
045 AT Key Lagune
046 AT Key Lost
047 AT Key Marimba
048 AT Key Rustic
049 AT Key Strings
050 AT Key Tape
051 AT Key VHS
052 AT Key Waves
053 AT Lead Apex
054 AT Lead Cue
055 AT Lead Danger
056 AT Lead Daylight
057 AT Lead Decamp
058 AT Lead Destiny
059 AT Lead Drone
060 AT Lead Dynasty
061 AT Lead Fold
062 AT Lead Future
063 AT Lead Gates
064 AT Lead Genic
065 AT Lead Glaze
066 AT Lead Haute
067 AT Lead Hawk
068 AT Lead Hold
069 AT Lead Index
070 AT Lead Lotus
071 AT Lead Maths
072 AT Lead Nsemble
073 AT Lead Permit
074 AT Lead Phazor
075 AT Lead Quartz
076 AT Lead Radius
077 AT Lead Rates
078 AT Lead Sand
079 AT Lead Skronk
080 AT Lead Snared
081 AT Lead Stairs
082 AT Lead Tail
083 AT Lead Transit
084 AT Pad Avant
085 AT Pad Binary
086 AT Pad Bounce
087 AT Pad Canyon
088 AT Pad Darkle
089 AT Pad Digeri
090 AT Pad Fort
091 AT Pad Grain
092 AT Pad Iceland
093 AT Pad Magma
094 AT Pad Moonray
095 AT Pad Noise
096 AT Pad Old
097 AT Pad Orator
098 AT Pad Quack
099 AT Pad Saturn
100 AT Pad Scoring
101 AT Pad Source
102 AT Pad South
103 AT Pad Teeter
104 AT Seq Grains
105 AT Seq Maze
106 AT Seq Perca
107 AT Seq Ping

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