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A huge leap forward in sound design. Elusive is a collection of 107 breathtaking new sounds for Native Instruments Massive X.


Your new top secret production tool. As producers we are always looking for new futuristic sounds. The kind of sounds that make our productions stand out from the crowd and help push the scene forward. Elusive lets you do just that. Giving you fast access to innovative sounds that encourage you to deliver your message as an artist. Just don’t tell everyone, let’s make it our little secret 😉

Sound designers dream. Wavetables by nature open up many creative possibilities and scope for tonal variation. Inviting you to explore modulation assignments to a number of the oscillator control inputs. This is where Massive X really shines and allowed Elusive to become so expressive.

Endless timbre choices...

The carefully chosen 8 macros and mod wheel assignments let you change the sound at a turn of a dial. Unlocking even more tones from each patch. The limit range for each macro has been purposefully allocated. Ensuring you get a usable sound from every movement you make.

Modulation powerhouse. At first glance, Massive X can be more than a little overwhelming to look at. Especially as you dig deeper into the 16 dedicated modulators and the extensive routing page. Don’t worry! Our sound designers have learnt the instrument inside out. Removing the learning curve to save you time. That time can be spent producing music and completing tracks faster.

To use the presets you will need to already own:
Native Instruments Massive X v1.3.6 or higher.


Presets Previews

Exact preset examples. No external processing applied.

AT BS Acids

AT BS Azido

AT BS Chug

AT BS Velocity

AT BS Xinema

AT KY Frogs

AT KY Lagune

AT KY Lost

AT KY Marimba

AT KY Waves

AT LD Dynasty

AT LD Glaze

AT LD Haute

AT LD Rates

AT LD Stairs

AT LD Transit

AT PD Canyon

AT PD Digeri

AT PD Fort

AT PD Quack

AT PD South


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