melodic loops

Using Melodic Loops

Using Melodic Loops

Audiotent Tip #426 // Using Melodic Loops

Sample pack melodic loops are an excellent way to kick start new ideas or to use as the main melodic idea in your track. Here are 3 quick tips on how to make them your own.

1) Slice the loop up and re-arrange. Creating a new melodic sequence. Note, if the loop has reverb and delay tails imprinted into the file use a touch of reverb to smooth out any gaps.

Using Melodic Loops Before


Using Melodic Loops After


2) Choose one of the notes from the melody loop and extract the single hit into a sampler. Now you have full creative control over the notation.
Using Melodic Loops Sampler
3) Get creative and process the loop beyond recognition. Experiment with many different plugins, try distortion, transient shapers, phasers and even beat repeaters.
Using Melodic Loops Tip 3 Processing
Before processing:


After processing:


If you're looking for new melodic loops to spark your creativity take a listen to Galaxy // Analog Techno Sequences. Inside you will find 107 analog synth sampled loops and 108 analog drum hits. Pure analog heaven!

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