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GALAXY // Analog Techno Sequences

Pure analog sound.

Warm, punchy and harmonious, is one way to describe Galaxy. Using high-end outboard gear and an obsessive attention to detail, we were able to create a pack full of tonal and textural complexity.

Galaxy is a collection of 107 enchanting analog sequences and 108 pure analog drum hits. All melodic loops are key-labelled, along with the piece of gear that was used to create the sample.

Set your creativity free and add some analog flavour to your productions.

Behind The Scenes

Take a behind the scenes look at what gear was used to create the melodic loops and drum hits inside pack.

A vast amount of analog equipment was patched, sequenced and effected.

Full kit-list:

• Korg MS-20
• Roland Juno 60
• Elektron Analog Four
• Elektron Analog Rytm
• Doepfer Dark Time Sequencer
• Eurorack Modular Synth. Various modules from:
• Make Noise
• Mutable Instruments.
• Intellijel
• Pittsburgh Modular

What’s Included

  • Connector.

    107 x Melodic Synth Loops

  • Connector.

    108 x Drum Hits (27 Kicks, 27 Claps/Snares, 27 Hi-Hats, 27 Percussion)

Analog Synth Loop Previews

  • #08 AT Galaxy – MS20 Cm

  • #14 AT Galaxy – Analog 4 Cm

  • #19 AT Galaxy – Modular Bm

  • #34 AT Galaxy – Modular A#m

  • #41 AT Galaxy – Modular Bm

  • #51 AT Galaxy – Modular Cm

  • #59 AT Galaxy – Juno 60 Dm

  • #78 AT Galaxy – Modular Cm

Analog Drum Hit Previews

  • #23 AT Galaxy – Kick F#

  • #24 AT Galaxy – Snare 3

  • #22 AT Galaxy – OH Classic 5

  • #14 AT Galaxy – Perc G#m

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Frequently Asked Questions

Inside the download you will receive 107 analog techno sequence loops. Along with 108 analog drum hits. All recorded in pristine 44.1kHz 24Bit WAV.
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