Kickstarting your creativity

Kickstarting your creativity

Audiotent Tip #427 // Kickstarting your creativity

For a lot of producers, opening up your DAW and staring at a blank canvas can be very intimidating. It can cause anxiety and instantly zap confidence. Here is a quick tip on how to start your next track.

Drag one of your recent favourite tracks into the arrangement window. Loop an 8-bar section from the intro or outro. From here you can now start to create melodic parts for the track. This helps to spark creativity as you will be testing new ideas against the rhythm of the intro loop.

If the intro/outro is too busy or contains melodic elements already, you can apply some filtering. Adding a band-pass filter can work really well, allowing your mind to gain a different perspective.

Once you have created your melodic sections, you can then remove the looped track and create your own drums from scratch.

This gives you an excellent starting point and can lead you to play different rhythms. Something you wouldn't normally come up with on your own.

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