Production Tips

Frequency Shifter Transition Effect

Frequency Shifter Transition Effect

Audiotent Tip #432 // Frequency Shifter Transition Effect Transition FX are the final gloss in your mix and arrangement. They tell the listener a change is about to happen and provide an extra laye...

Creative FXRing Modulation for Creative FX

Ring Modulation for Creative FX

Audiotent Tip #430 // Ring Modulation for Creative FX A really interesting way to add spice to your FX sounds is to use a ring modulator. Applying this effect to standard FX sounds will deliver ins...

automationFX processing on your mixdown

FX processing on your mixdown

Audiotent Tip 319. FX processing on your mixdown.There are multiple ways to create transitions between different parts of your track. The most common are adding a tom/snare fill, or muting some aud...

effectsPhasing Noise Riser

Phasing Noise Riser

#AudiotentTip 225. Phasing Noise Riser.Try adding a phaser to introduce some extra movement to your noise effects. Automate its depth/mix and frequency rate to build extra tension.

effectsNoise Effects

Noise Effects

#AudiotentTip 184. Noise Effects.Pink or white noise is a great source for transition effects. Apply a low/high or bandpass filter and automate for desired length. Add some reverb to create some ex...

effectsReverb impact effects

Reverb impact effects

#AudiotentTip 141. Reverb Impact Effects.A great way to create a nice ambient impact is to use a long reverb. First, choose a percussive sound and add a bandpass filter with the steepest available ...

effectsHow to create snare risers

How to create snare risers

#AudiotentTip 135. Snare Risers.A great way to add tension and anticipation to your build ups is to use a snare riser. There are multiple ways to create it, however our favourite technique involves...

effectsTremolo noise FX

Tremolo noise FX

#AudiotentTip 131. Tremolo Noise FX.When creating a noise riser/fall transition effects, consider adding a tremolo. This creates extra movement across the stereo field. To add even more tension, tr...

dj build up fxHow to create DJ style build ups

How to create DJ style build ups

#AudiotentTip 130. DJ Build Up FX.Try using DJ style FX on your build ups to create tension and atmosphere. A favourite combination in the clubs is to use a high pass filter along with a delay that...

effectsHow to create a sub drop

How to create a sub drop

#AudiotentTip 95. Sub Drop.To create an impact sub drop for your breakdown, copy your kick drum onto a separate channel. Stretch it out for a bar or two (this can be personal taste) and apply low p...