Frequency Shifter Transition Effect

Frequency Shifter Transition Effect

Audiotent Tip #432 // Frequency Shifter Transition Effect

Transition FX are the final gloss in your mix and arrangement. They tell the listener a change is about to happen and provide an extra layer of complexity.
In this tip, we're not talking about your standard white noise sweep. We're talking about subtle automation effects that ease transitions.

Take a listen to the transition below:

Did you hear what was happening? No? Ok, here's the transition sound in isolation:

What you hear there is a 16th note shaker with a frequency shifter. To create the effect, automate the frequency shifter pitch parameter down towards the end of the bar while increasing the amount of reverb.
In this example we used the stock Ableton Live frequency shifter plugin.
Ableton frequency shifter
Here is the automation. Going from 0.00Hz down to -1.48kHz.
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Listen to the full track below.

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