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Ring Modulation for Creative FX

Ring Modulation for Creative FX

Audiotent Tip #430 // Ring Modulation for Creative FX

A really interesting way to add spice to your FX sounds is to use a ring modulator. Applying this effect to standard FX sounds will deliver instant results. You can then take this one step further by automating the ring mod frequency. This will add a sense of movement and will take your FX to a whole new dimension.

Here is the effect in action:




This is a very simple effect to set up. First, load a ring modulation plugin to your FX channel.
Ring Modulation for Creative FX
Set the mix to 100% and dial in the frequency to taste. For this sound went opted for 23Hz.
Ring Modulation for Creative FX
Here is what we have so far:



The next step is to draw the automation for the frequency value. Going from 23Hz up to 221Hz and back down to 23Hz.
This how the effect sounds with the automation:

Put that sound into the mix and you have a nice evolving effect. Perfect for transitions and creating additional interest within the arrangement.

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