Production Tips

Kick and Envelope Shapers

Kick and Envelope Shapers

Audiotent Tip 382. Kick & Envelope Shapers.Eq or compression seems to be the first choice of processing when it comes to fine-tuning the kick.However, don't underestimate the envelope shapers (...

attackVelocity Assigned To Attack

Velocity Assigned To Attack

Audiotent Tip 380. Velocity Assigned To Attack.An often overlooked parameter when designing sounds is velocity.Assigning the note velocity to certain parameters of the synthesiser can help create a...

attackAdding more attack and punch to your kick drum

Adding more attack and punch to your kick drum

#AudiotentTip 252. Kick & Percussion.If you have a soft kick sample and need an extra click to make it cut through the mix, layer it with some short percussion. This will add an extra transien...