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4 Processing Techniques for Tech House & Techno Synth Stabs

4 Processing Techniques for Tech House & Techno Synth Stabs

Audiotent Tip 324. Synth Stabs for Tech House & Techno.

One of the best ways to spice up any techno or tech-house track is to use synth stabs. They can be sampled from loops or synthesised with your favourite synths. Use the following creative techniques to push your stabs even further:

1) Filters. High-pass, low-pass, band-pass or any other type, filters can shape and mangle your sound into something new.

2) Distortion. If you are trying to achieve a thicker, dirtier synth stabs, distortion is definitely the first processor to consider. Don’t be afraid to go extreme here and transform your sound into another sonic shape.

3) Delays. Short delay times can be very effective to create some extra ambience without introducing longer reverb tails.

4) EQs. Sculpt the tone of your stabs with the use of an equaliser. Bring up the most ‘coloured’ eq that you hold in your arsenal to give the signal additional vibe.

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