Hydra // Ableton Live Template

Hydra // Ableton Live

Experience the inner workings of a fully produced, ready to release track. Discover how to create powerful, punchy low-end and enchanting melodies.

Mercury // Ableton Live Template

Mercury // Ableton Live

Learn new music production techniques and advance your skills. Discover the art of arrangement and FX sound design.

Steam // Ableton Live Template

Steam // Ableton Live

Uncover all the mixing decisions, post processing and sound design techniques used to create a ready to release track.

Code // Ableton Live Template

Code // Ableton Live

If you like dark techno you must hear Code. With this project file you will be able to expand your ever-growing production skill set.

Xenon // Ableton Live Template

Xenon // Ableton Live

With this Ableton Live template you will be able to deconstruct a ready to release melodic techno track.

High Demand // Ableton Live Template

High Demand // Ableton Live

View the mixing decisions, arrangement techniques and production tricks inside this Ableton Live project file.

Cloakroom Ableton Live & Logic Pro X Template

Cloakroom // Ableton & Logic X

Discover how to build tension, apply FM sound design and layer drums for ultimate impact.