Artifact // Ableton Live Project File

Artifact // Ableton Live

Taking you on a timeless melodic journey. Access the Ableton Live project file and learn how the track was crafted. All channels, processing and sound design revealed.

Orbit // Ableton Live Project File

Orbit // Ableton Live Project File

Study the Ableton Live project and pick up new processing and arrangement tricks. Use these newly found skills, improve your productions and achieve your goals.

Liquid // Ableton Live Project File

Liquid // Ableton Live Project File

This track that will take you on a journey. An epic display of tension and release. Atmospheric pads, emotional leads and a hypnotic groove. Download the project and learn new production skills.

Highway // Ableton Live Project File

Shadow // Multi DAW Project File

Pick up new processing tricks and start developing your own sound. Access the project file for your DAW of choice. Ableton Live, Logic Pro X or FL Studio 20. You decide.

Highway // Ableton Live Project File

Highway // Ableton Live

Explore a melodic masterpiece. Highway will unlock the endless possibilities hidden within your DAW and show you what can be achieved using only stock Ableton Live Suite plugins.

Overload // Logic Pro X Project File

Overload // Logic Pro X

With this Logic Pro X template you will be able to explore all the mixing decisions to craft a tight and punchy mix. Learn how to create a trademark rumble bass by using a chain of effects on your kick drum.

Lava // Ableton Live Project File

Lava // Ableton Live

Lava is a comprehensive project file for Ableton Live Suite. Inside the project, you will find 30 channels, covering all aspects of production.

X-ray // Ableton Live Project File

X-ray // Ableton Live

Have you ever wondered how some tracks have been created? Open up this Ableton Live 10 project file and learn new production techniques.

Mist // Ableton Live

Mist // Ableton Live

Supernatural sounds from another dimension. Uncover all the mixing decisions, post processing and sound design tricks.

Tunnel // Ableton Live

Tunnel // Ableton Live

Embark on a journey from the melodic to progressive. Discovering vital sound design and arrangement techniques along the way.

Origami // Project File

Origami // Multi DAW Project File

Study the carefully selected mixing techniques used to create a punchy and dynamic mix down.

Xylon // Project File

Xylon // Multi DAW Project File

Learn how to layer live recordings and produce a dynamic, organic soundscape. Xylon is available for Ableton, Cubase, FL Studio & Logic.

Gravity // Project File

Gravity // Multi DAW Project File

Gravity is a project template for Ableton Live, Cubase, Logic Pro X & FL Studio 20. Learn how to produce using your go-to creative platform.

Sigma // Ableton Live Project File

Sigma // Ableton Live

Study the composition and learn how to effortlessly arrange an entire track from start to finish.

Shuttle // Ableton Live

Shuttle // Ableton Live

Improve your mixing skills. Learn how a mid-side EQ is used to sculpt and balance individual instruments.

Engine // Ableton & Logic Pro X

Engine // Ableton & Logic Pro X

Learn how every sound was designed and processed. Discover the art of arrangement and analyse the melodic content.

Equation // Ableton Live

Equation // Ableton Live

Solve the equation behind music production. Equation provides the road map to produce new sounds.

Oblivion // Ableton Live

Oblivion // Ableton Live

Dive into the unknown. Explore the art of arrangement, sound design, post processing and much more.

Quantum // Logic Pro X Template

Quantum // Logic Pro X

Each sound is under your control as you deconstruct every process used to craft this production. Download, be inspired and be creative.

Atom // Ableton Live Template

Atom // Ableton Live

Learn how each element of the track is carefully balanced allowing individual parts to perfectly complement each other.

Kinetic // Ableton Live Template

Kinetic // Ableton Live

Use the template to uncover newfound knowledge and develop your production techniques.

Hydra // Ableton Live Template

Hydra // Ableton Live

Experience the inner workings of a fully produced, ready to release track. Discover how to create punchy low-end and enchanting melodies.

Mercury // Ableton Live Template

Mercury // Ableton Live

Learn new music production techniques and advance your skills. Discover the art of arrangement and FX sound design.

Steam // Ableton Live Template

Steam // Ableton Live

Uncover all the mixing decisions, post processing and sound design techniques used to create a ready to release track.

Code // Ableton Live Template

Code // Ableton Live

If you like dark techno you must hear Code. With this project file you will be able to expand your ever-growing production skill set.

Xenon // Ableton Live Template

Xenon // Ableton Live

With this Ableton Live template you will be able to deconstruct a ready to release melodic techno track. Download and expand your knowledge.