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If you are looking for an insight into something deep and hypnotic, you came to the right place.

Choose your DAW: Pursuit // Ableton Live


Look inside the project and discover how to mix and layer all of the elements. Apply the same techniques into your own productions.

Learn how to...

  • Layer a kick using two different samples.
  • Use textures to achieve cohesiveness within the mix.
  • Program FM Bass in Arturia’s Pigments.
  • Setup a ‘Stereoizer’ return effect to add width to your instruments.
  • Turn synthesized white noise into an effective hi-hat.
  • Program a melodic tom section.
  • Utilize a comb filter in sound design to build anticipation.
  • Create tension using a sustained pad.
  • Add a final polish with mastering.

Ableton Live

Logic Pro X


What's Included?

  • 1 x Project File for your DAW of choice
  • 21 x MIDI Channels
  • 12 x Audio Channels
  • 10 x Arturia Pigments V3 Presets
  • 1 x Production Tips PDF

What's Required?

  • Arturia Pigments V3 VST v3.1.0.1552 or higher
  • Valhalla SuperMassive VST/AU v1.5 (Free Download)
  • Ableton Live Suite v10.1.42 or higher
  • Logic Pro X v10.6.2 or higher


Frequently asked questions...

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