12 Lessons • 20 Videos • 3 hr 40 min
• Stream the videos anytime online. No download
• Study inside the comfort of your own studio
• Learn unique processing chains and techniques
• Discover how Toto Chiavetta creates his sound
What topics are covered inside the course?

Toto Chiavetta covers his processing chains for drums, synths, pads, vocal and atmospheres. Advanced mixing techniques, including mid/side. How to layer kicks, synths and bass to create a full sound. All inside the 3 hour and 40 minute course.

This is not a start-to-finish production course, walkthrough or guide to programming synth patches. It is a series of advanced production techniques that Toto uses in all of his productions. After watching the course you will have a great understanding on how Toto Chiavetta processes and layers elements to create his powerful productions.

This course is not for beginners. Many of the techniques are very advanced and you are required to already have a good understanding of music production in order to follow along.

The lessons are shown within Logic Pro X. However many of the processes can be applied to any DAW.

Now includes Toto's Personal Sample Collection

Inside the included download you will find 50 of his essential samples. These kick drums, snares, hi-hats and texture loops are all meticulously processed with his in-depth signature chains.

The incorporation of his personal samples is a testament to his dedication to his craft, and we are excited to see how they will be used to inspire and enhance the creativity of aspiring producers.

Trailer and previews...
Studio feed trailer
Processing bass preview
Hi-Hat treatment preview

Lesson 1

1 video • 5 min
Video 1 of 20

Lesson 2

Current setup
1 video • 3 min
Video 2 of 20
Current DAW and monitoring setup

Lesson 3

Starting a new track
1 video • 10 min
Video 3 of 20
How I start a new production

Lesson 4

7 videos • 66 min
Video 4 of 20
How to layer and process kick drums
Video 5 of 20
Kick drum send effects
Video 6 of 20
Layering and processing snare drums
Video 7 of 20
Hi-Hat layering and processing chain
Video 8 of 20
Layering percussion
Video 9 of 20
Extra drum processing techniques
Video 10 of 20
Controlling high-frequencies

Lesson 5

1 video • 22 min
Video 11 of 20
Bassline processing

Lesson 6

Main synths
2 videos • 23 min
Video 12 of 20
Main synth lead processing techniques
Video 13 of 20
Secondary synths

Lesson 7

Transition FX
1 video • 11 min
Video 14 of 20
Creating impact and movement with FX

Lesson 8

1 video • 22 min
Video 15 of 20
My method for treating vocals

Lesson 9

Send effects
1 video • 4 min
Video 16 of 20
Plate reverb send effect chain

Lesson 10

Ambience and background textures
1 video • 4 min
Video 17 of 20
Creating depth with background sounds

Lesson 11

Track walkthrough - Rational Utopia
2 videos • 23 min
Video 18 of 20
Each sound explained
Video 19 of 20
Arrangement and automation

Lesson 12

1 video • 24 min
Video 20 of 20
How I master my own music

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