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SYSTEM // Modular Series

System is a powerful collection of melodic synth loops. All sourced from a careful selection of Eurorack modules. The character of sounds coming from the modular is so deep and rich. This enables you to use less layers and processing to achieve the final result.

System // Modular Series Demo

Getting Creative

The loops can be spliced, rearranged, filtered and mangled to fit your artistic vision. They can also provide an additional layer of depth and texture to your projects.

Informational PDF

System comes with a PDF ebook (9 pages), which includes all the names of the Eurorack modules used per each loop. As well as their signal flow.

This is a great source of reference for modular enthusiasts or those planning to get into the Eurorack modular.

System Requirements

All 142 loops inside the product have been recorded at 44.1kHz 24 bit WAV format. This will ensure seamless compatibility with all major DAWs.

What’s Included?

  • • 30 x Bass Loops
    • 30 x Synth Loops
    • 30 x Percussion Loops
    • 17 x FX Loops
    • 7 x Kick Drums
  • • 7 x Claps
    • 7 x Snares
    • 7 x Hi-Hats
    • 7 x Perc

All loops 123bpm and key-labelled where applicable. Total download size 496 MB.

Exclusive. Only available on

Sample Previews

  • 001 AT Bass Nobel c#m

  • 007 AT Bass Resonate dm

  • 032 AT Synth Algorithm gm

  • 045 AT Synth Poker A

  • 046 AT Synth Hubble d#m

  • 056 AT Synth Decade am

  • 057 AT Synth Lema fm

  • 060 AT Synth Faces am

  • 064 AT Percussion Ability dm

  • 060 AT Percussion Discovery D

  • 075 AT Percussion Flight bm

  • 088 AT Percussion Circuits

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