Audiotent Rumble

RUMBLE // Techno Sub Tools

Add some low-end attitude.

Rumble delivers 107 purposely programmed and processed bass loops.

Covering a wide variety of grooves ready to drag and drop into your latest project. Everything from reverb techno rumbles, rolling saturated toms, to melodic analog sequences.

Discover the unique sound of Rumble today.

Rumble // Techno Sub Tools Demo

Sample Previews

  • 06 AT Sub Tool 126bpm C

  • 13 AT Sub Tool 126bpm cm

  • 23 AT Sub Tool 126bpm f#m

  • 27 AT Sub Tool 126bpm A

  • 29 AT Sub Tool 126bpm E

  • 34 AT Sub Tool 126bpm em

  • 58 AT Sub Tool 126bpm f#m

  • 71 AT Sub Tool 128bpm em

  • 83 AT Sub Tool 128bpm

  • 89 AT Sub Tool 128bpm E

  • 90 AT Sub Tool 128bpm A#

  • 93 AT Sub Tool 128bpm fm

  • 94 AT Sub Tool 128bpm d#m

  • 95 AT Sub Tool 128bpm fm

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