Audiotent Remedy

REMEDY // Ambient Drone Loops

That all important layer.

When creating music, have you ever got stuck and asked yourself “What is this track missing?” Sometimes all it needs is a subtle layer.

Musical background texture layers are frequently overlooked by producers. These understated sound-bed loops can help glue all the elements in a mix together. Providing that ‘finished’ quality we all look for in a record.

Remedy is a collection of 107 dusty lo-fi and evolving drone samples.

A strict analog signal path was at the forefront of design. Tracking through tape delay and spring reverb to obtain a unique character you can include in your music.

Remedy // Ambient Drone Loops

Sample Previews

  • 001 AT Remedy Drone – G#

  • 030 AT Remedy Drone – dm

  • 036 AT Remedy Drone – cm

  • 042 AT Remedy Drone – g#m

  • 054 AT Remedy Drone – C

  • 055 AT Remedy Drone – gm

  • 066 AT Remedy Drone – cm

  • 068 AT Remedy Drone – D#

  • 073 AT Remedy Drone – E

  • 089 AT Remedy Drone – dm

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