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PARTICLE // Full Size Techno Library

Discover the inspiration for your next project.

Particle is a complete library of over 600MB Dark Techno sounds. Featuring energetic and contagious loops with maximum flexibility.

Enjoy creating music by having access to all the sounds you need. Inside the download you will find all your ingredients. Bass loops, synth loops, pads, textures, FX, percussion loops and more.

The possibilities are endless.

Particle // Full Size Techno Library

Sample Previews

Bass Loops

27 Pounding Techno rumble loops.

Synth Loops

27 Melodic synth loop hooks and riffs.

Pads & Textures

27 Pads and textures that add a strong atmosphere and ambience.

Vocal Loops

27 Recorded and effected vocals delivering a unique tonality to your music.

FX Loops

27 Detailed FX offering exceptional contract for your transitions.

Percussion Loops

27 Rhythmic percussion loops that add additional groove and personality to your tracks

Drum Hits

All the drum hits you need to create your own signature loops.
27 Key labelled kick drums
27 Hi-Hats
27 Percussion
27 Clap & Snares
Totalling 108 drum hits.

Drum Loops

27 Complete drum loops. Each loop is also broken down into it’s core elements. Giving you full creative control over the groove.
108 drum loops in total.

Full Pack Breakdown

27 x Bass Loops
27 x Synth Loops
27 x Pads & Textures
27 x Vocal Loops
27 x Percussion Loops
27 x FX
27 x Kicks drums
27 x Hats
27 x Percussion
27 x Clap & Snares
108 x Drum Loops

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