Audiotent Fluid Kicks

FLUID KICKS // Techno Kick Samples

You can never have too many kick samples.

A compelling collection of kick drum samples that will add power and impact to your industrial rhythms.

Fluid Kicks delivers 107 processed and key-labelled kicks. Punchy techno kicks with maximum sonic character at the forefront of their design.

What does Fluid Kicks sound like? Think dark, dirty and driven.

Sample Previews

  • 006 AT Fluid Kick G

  • 009 AT Fluid Kick G

  • 016 AT Fluid Kick G

  • 017 AT Fluid Kick E

  • 018 AT Fluid Kick F#

  • 021 AT Fluid Kick G#

  • 025 AT Fluid Kick G#

  • 26 AT Fluid Kick G

  • 030 AT Fluid Kick A

  • 037 AT Fluid Kick G

  • 047 AT Fluid Kick G

  • 090 AT Fluid Kick F#

Look inside the pack…

Watch the video and see what is included inside Audiotent Fluid Kicks.

107 recorded and processed Techno kick drums. Ready to drag and drop into any DAW.

Giving you a solid foundation for your next production.

See how effortlessly they fit with the additional Fluid Series drum hits.

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