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My aim was to create the perfect library which i can use on tour on my laptop and have the awesome sound of my studio with me.


Packed full of ultra rare drum machine one shots, vintage synth loops and lo-fi textures that are simply not achievable in the box. A strict, fully analog signal path and processing chain has been maintained on each and every sound.

Iconic releases

Some of today's most recognised labels have taken note of youANDme's productions skills. With his music making waves on Cocoon, Rekids, Poker Flat, Desolat, Compost and many more.

Huge library of sounds

Packed with 545 audio samples and weighing in at a colossal 3GB download size. A huge variety of sounds that will fuel all your future productions.

Sample Previews

Listen to a selection of the sounds included inside the full library.

AT youANDme - Bass Loop 101 f#m

AT youANDme - Bass Loop 101 G

AT youANDme - Bass Loop Microwave cm

AT youANDme - Bass Loop Moog C

AT youANDme - Chord Loop JP6 am

AT youANDme - Chord Loop Microwave c#m

AT youANDme - Chord Loop Microwave em

AT youANDme - Chord Loop Microwave F♯

AT youANDme - Claps_Snares DistortedSnare

01a AT youANDme - Full Drum Loop

03a AT youANDme - Full Drum Loop

04a AT youANDme - Full Drum Loop 2

26a AT youANDme - Full Drum Loop

AT youANDme - FX MoogSpaceEcho

AT youANDme - Pad Loop Organ em

AT youANDme - Percussion Loop DistortedDrum D

AT youANDme - Percussion Loop JammodSpaceStation gm

AT youANDme - Percussion Loop JammodTom

AT youANDme - Synth Loop GrainOrgan em

AT youANDme - Synth Loop JP6 c#m

AT youANDme - Synth Loop String em


Audio WAV Loops


Single Hit Drum Samples


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