Transistor // Analog Bass

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Instant low-end success. Transistor is a powerful collection of 107 melodic bass loops that will give you instant results. All samples created and recorded using analog equipment. Giving you access to the thick, warm and solid low-end that you desire. You also get 136 drum hits. Featuring 108 drum hits recorded directly from the famous MFB Tanzbär drum machine, and an additional 28 layered drum samples.
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Sample Previews

Listen to a selection of the sounds included inside the sample library.

47 AT Transistor [PGH Ringmod] Em - ModularSynth (FX)

60 AT Transistor [Quake] Fm - MS20 (FX)

63 AT Transistor [Reso Sweep] Cm - ModularSynth (FX)

66 AT Transistor [Ring Mod] Fm - MS20 (FX)

76 AT Transistor [Slide] F#m - MS20 (FX)

79 AT Transistor [Stepper] Em - ModularSynth (FX)

87 AT Transistor [Tone Drone] Gm - ModularSynth (FX)

91 AT Transistor [Vector] Em - ModularSynth (FX)

96 AT Transistor [WaveFold 2] Cm - ModularSynth (FX)


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