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All the sounds have been mixed to the highest standard. This is to make sure you require less layering. Your track will become clearer, punchier, bigger and wider as a result.


Stop spending countless hours searching for the perfect sound. Inside Surface, you will find everything you need for your future productions.

Drums designed for the club

It's important that the drums sounds are sourced and processed with the end result in mind. The drums inside Surface are designed to give maximum impact on a large PA system.

Ahead of their time

Make your productions sound like they're from the future. Experience a new standard in sound design.

Sample Previews

Listen to a selection of the sounds included inside the full library.

01 AT Surface - Bass Loop 123bpm am

12 AT Surface - Bass Loop 124bpm fm

14 AT Surface - Bass Loop 124bpm fm

24 AT Surface - Bass Loop 124bpm fm

06 AT Surface - Synth Loop 123bpm em

10 AT Surface - Synth Loop 123bpm dm

15 AT Surface - Synth Loop 123bpm gm

21 AT Surface - Synth Loop 123bpm am

02a AT Surface - Full Drum Loop 122bpm

02b AT Surface - No Kick Loop 122bpm

02c AT Surface - Kick Loop 122bpm

02d AT Surface - Hats Only Loop 122bpm

02e AT Surface - Percussion Only Loop 122bpm

17 AT Surface - Kick F

12 AT Surface - Clap & Snares


Audio WAV Loops


Single Hit Drum Samples


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