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Sub Mission is the ultimate solution for mastering the low-end frequencies in your productions. Featuring 107 meticulously crafted loops, each recorded at a seamless 124 BPM. Unlock the power of rumbling sub-basses, thunderous knocks and dynamic low-end textures. These loops are the perfect starting point for your new productions, giving you instant groove and foundation to build on.

Sample Previews

Listen to a selection of the sounds included inside the sample library.

008 AT Sub Mission - Boson F# 124

024 AT Sub Mission - Nautica G 124

035 AT Sub Mission - Murmur G 124

047 AT Sub Mission - Form C 124

058 AT Sub Mission - Cubism C 124

076 AT Sub Mission - Daylight F 124

089 AT Sub Mission - Echoic Am 124

091 AT Sub Mission - Tension Cm 124

092 AT Sub Mission - Shatter Fm 124

096 AT Sub Mission - Mille Ab 124

097 AT Sub Mission - Profund C 124

099 AT Sub Mission - Corals Eb 124


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