Sphere // Pads & Atmospheres

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The idea behind Sphere was to compose a collection of atmospheric layers that would exceed your expectations. 107 key-labelled background sound bed loops that will support the theme for your track. Helping to glue all the elements of your mix together. Try it for yourself, drag one of the loops into your recent productions, adjust the volume to taste and hear the difference it can make. Explore the sound of Sphere...

Sample Previews

Listen to a selection of the sounds included inside the sample library.

009 AT Sphere Arp - Rockstar 124bpm dm

025 AT Sphere Arp - Octal 124bpm em

029 AT Sphere Arp - Imbue 124bpm fm

034 AT Sphere Pad - Panacea 124bpm em

036 AT Sphere Pad - Darko 124bpm fm

056 AT Sphere Pad - Factor 124bpm am

065 AT Sphere Texture - Epoch 124bpm

069 AT Sphere Texture - Jubilee 124bpm

077 AT Sphere Texture - Queen 124bpm


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