Signal // Analog Four Presets

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Freshen up your Analog Four sound library. Signal is a collection of cutting edge sounds designed specifically for the modern techno producer.


Inspiring maximum creativity and endless possibilities. 107 Elektron Analog Four presets that deliver unbelievable character, texture and colour.

Our team of sound designers have already put countless hours into crafting all 107 presets. This means you can get straight into making music without the endless tweaking.


Presets Previews

Exact preset examples. No external processing applied.

AT Signal BASS - Binary Star a#m

AT Signal BASS - Centauri d#m

AT Signal BASS - Radiation d#m

AT Signal BASS - Sputnik d#m

AT Signal KEYS - Dilation d#m

AT Signal LEAD - Proton d#m

AT Signal LEAD - Solar Wind d#m

AT Signal LEAD - Translunar d#m

AT Signal PAD - Enceladus d#m

AT Signal PAD - Photosphere gm

AT Signal TEXTURE - Meteorite fm

AT Signal TEXTURE - Moon d#m


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