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It’s here, the highly anticipated follow up to our debut Sub 37 preset library. Sequent continues where Subzero left off.
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It’s here, the highly anticipated follow up to our debut Sub 37 preset library. Sequent continues where Subzero left off. Exploring more experimental sound design which led to pushing the synthesizer modulation capabilities into new found territories.

The presets that are included in Sequent are fully compatible with both the Sub 37 and Subsequent 37. The presets are supplied in .syx format and are very easy to upload to your instrument. The easiest way to upload is via the free Moog Subsequent 37 editor librarian VST/AU.

The deluxe edition features the Audiotent trademark of matching MIDI files and presets. Each of the 107 sounds comes with its accompanying MIDI file. This can be used to kickstart your creativity or to further assist your music writing skills.

Royalty-Free. As with all of the products on our store, Sequent is 100% royalty-free. That means you can use the presets, MIDIs and WAV loops in your commercially released productions without any further payment.


37 x Bass
The Moog Sub 37 is known for its huge bass, so it was only right that we made sure a large selection of the library was focussed there. 37 bass presets to be exact. Ranging from low solid groovers, rhythmic rollers to the more melodically inviting tones.

30 x Leads
Blissful leads and modular inspired riffs that will have you wondering how this is possible with the Sub 37.

20 x Keys
Comprising of tuned oscillators for one note chords and also duo mode patches for highly harmonic compositions.

20 x Pads
No static/plain pad sounds here, it’s full of dramatic rhythmic sound beds to evoke emotion into your productions.

Additional Presets with Deluxe Edition
Choose the deluxe edition to access an additional 17 presets. 10 sequences and 7 FX.

FX Presets. The raw dry sound of the Moog Sub 37 is an aural delight. However, with a touch of spacial effects the instrument enters mysterious and wonderful places. The deluxe edition also contains 107 matching Valhalla Super Massive presets. These are the same FX presets we created for each individual patch in order to create the wet WAV loops.

For those of you that don’t know, Super Massive is a free VST/AU from Valhalla DSP. Capable of luscious clouds of reverb or detailed delay lines all from one plugin.

To use the presets you will need to own the Moog Sub 37 or Moog Subsequent 37 analog synthesizer
* Please note: The presets are not compatible with the Moog Subsequent 25.


Preset Previews

001 AT Bass - Odds 122 g#m WET

003 AT Bass - Amour 122 cm WET

011 AT Bass - Cilantro 122 cm WET

023 AT Bass - Eighto 122 f#m WET

032 AT Bass - Input 122 d#m WET

047 AT Lead - Icarus 122 fm WET

055 AT Lead - Buzza 122 am WET

056 AT Lead - Grainy 122 em WET

065 AT Lead - Peak 122 cm WET

066 AT Lead - Serge 122 d#m WET

068 AT Key - Beast 122 d#m WET

076 AT Key - Elixir 122 d#m WET

078 AT Key - Bliss 122 gm WET

081 AT Key - Float 122 fm WET

087 AT Key - Bloom 122 A# WET

098 AT Pad - Infuse 122 fm WET

100 AT Pad - Verde 122 am WET

101 AT Pad - Transistors 122 fm WET

105 AT Pad - Ludo 122 d#m WET

106 AT Pad - Flux 122 d#m WET

107 AT Pad - Waving 122 d#m WET

Standard Edition

For producers that just want wav loops.

  • 107 x Melodic WAV Loops
Preset Edition

For producers that only want the analog presets.

  • 107 x Moog Sub 37 Presets
Deluxe Edition

For producers that want the complete toolkit.

  • 107 Moog Sub 37 Presets
  • 17 x Additional Sub 37 Presets
  • 107 Matching MIDI Files
  • 107 Key-labelled Melodic Loops
  • 107 x Super Massive Presets


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