Scatter // FabFilter Timeless 3 Presets

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From ambient textures to rhythmic echoes, these presets offer a versatile toolkit for your music production. Explore new sonic dimensions.


Scatter contains 127 presets for the FabFilter Timeless 3 effect plugin. They have been designed to instantly add space and depth to your sounds. Whether you’re looking to add textured tape delay tails, short slapback spaces for your drums or clean delay lines, Scatter has it all covered.

10 intuitively laid out folders that will cover a broad range of applications: Synths, Drums, Short, Medium, Long, Essential, Ping Pong, Modulated, LoFi and FX. Put our Timeless 3 presets into your workflow and get faster results.

To use the presets you need to already own:
FabFilter Timeless 3.
The presets are not compatible with Timeless versions 1 & 2.


Presets Previews

Exact preset examples. No external processing applied.

AT Drums - AT Ping-Pong Hat

AT Drums - AT Rumble

AT Drums - AT Snare Short Reverb

AT FX - AT Comb

AT FX - AT Five Minor Steps

AT FX - AT Granular Feel

AT FX - AT Karplus Mouth Harp

AT FX - AT Marbles

AT FX - AT Shredder

AT FX - AT Transparent Wall

AT LoFi - AT Conductor

AT Long - AT Eternity

AT Long - AT Wow & Flutter

AT Modulated - AT Detune

AT Modulated - AT Fifth Response

AT Ping Pong - AT Abyss

AT Synths - AT Majestic

AT Synths - AT Revive


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