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Ruben’s unique approach and recognisable style brought him to be noticed by some notable and respected labels. With releases on Toolroom, Saved, Kitsune, Snatch!, Terminal M and Suara to name a few.

Now Ruben gives you access to his signature sound. Featuring a full library of over 500MB (385 sounds). Drum loops, synth loops, bass loops, FX, textures & more.

Sample Previews

Listen to a selection of the sounds included inside the sample library.

13 AT Bass Loop 124 bpm F

17 AT Bass Loop 127 bpm A#

06 AT Synth Loop 125 bpm em

11 AT Synth Loop 125 bpm cm

05 AT Percussion Loop 124 bpm C

24 AT Percussion Loop 124 bpm

05 AT Texture Loop 125 bpm

05 AT Top Loop 125 bpm

16 AT Top Loop 124 bpm

06 AT Pad Loop 124 bpm G#

14a AT Full Drum Loop 125 bpm

14b AT No Kick Loop 125 bpm

14c AT Hats Only Loop 125 bpm

14d AT Percussion Only Loop 125 bpm

17 AT FX 124 bpm

21 AT FX 124 bpm

09 AT Kick Drum G#

22 AT Perc G


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