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Red Statue is a compact preset library, containing 20 professionally crafted presets for u-he Diva. 10 x bass and 10 x lead presets will give you a signature start for your next production.


The ultimate goal is to have the least amount of friction between picking a sound and executing your idea. This is at the forefront of our creative team when designing the presets.

Red Statue brings you a compact, yet powerful bank of 20 presets for u-he Diva. Giving you a full focus and clear direction over bass and leads.

To fit every workflow, DRY versions of presets are also included as a separate bank. This is ideal if you prefer to use your own effects, instead of relying on the stock Diva reverb, delay, chorus etc…


Presets Previews

Exact preset examples. No external processing applied.

01 AT BASS - Berliner

06 AT BASS - Orbital

07 AT BASS - Sickness

09 AT BASS - Squirrel

14 AT LEAD - Liquid Hydrogen

16 AT LEAD - Queen Diva

17 AT LEAD - Radio Active

18 AT LEAD - Spaceflight

19 AT LEAD - Statue


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