Radius // Full-Size Library

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A full-size sample library that explores the world of Indie Dance. Sitting on the edge of 118 & 122 BPM. Packed full of beautiful sounds that will inspire you to produce your next record.


All samples are key-labelled and intelligently categorised to optimise your selection process. Eliminate distractions and let your creative brain focus on what matters most - generating new ideas.

Captivating sound

Each sound has been crafted by an experienced artist and had to pass the very critical ears of our creative team. It is a lengthy process, but crucial to ensure you only get the best possible tools for your music.

Immersive vocals

Moody vocal hook can transform your track from only an idea to a sonically crafted piece that immerses you into the story. Radium vocal loops will inspire you to produce a unique work of art.

Sample Previews

Listen to a selection of the sounds included inside the full library.

019 AT Radius Drum - Rosa Full 118

037 AT Radius Drum - Temp Full 118

133 AT Radius Drum - Volume Full 122

151 AT Radius Drum - Puma Full 122

13 AT Radius Bass - Data 118 bm

35 AT Radius Bass - Cover 122 f#m

14 AT Radius Synth - Origin 118 fm

21 AT Radius Synth - Heads 118 F

02 AT Radius Texture - Solitary 118

18 AT Radius Texture - Haze 122

21 AT Radius Texture - Bark 122

03 AT Radius Top - Proton 118

16 AT Radius Top - Surgical 118

18 AT Radius Top - Sensual 118

32 AT Radius Top - Affect 122

11 AT Radius Percussion - Locked 118

35 AT Radius Percussion - Elapse 122

21 AT Radius Vocal - Month 122 a#m

37 AT Radius Vocal - Electro 122 a#m

23 AT Radius FX - Behold

29 AT Radius Chord - Retro 122 Bb


Audio WAV Loops


Single Hit Drum Samples


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