Prime // Full-Size Library

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Dark, hypnotic and edgy sounding techno-riffs derived from the most sought-after outboard instruments.
Prime - Choose your download: Prime // Standard Edition

Raw Aesthetic

A wide range of immersive sounds that capture the very essence of analog synthesizers and drum machines.

Contemporary Collection

A diverse combination of powerful samples that will inspire you to make an exceptional techno release. Earth-shaking subs, huge industrial drums, hazy modular synths, spooky pads and punchy drum hits. Import them into your DAW and start drawing.

MIDI Files

Having access to a source MIDI file gives you an extra level of control. Layer your own sounds on top to supplement the loop, or alter the MIDI to add your own personal touch. All of the MIDIs for bass, synths, chords, pads and atmospheres are included inside the deluxe edition.

Sample Previews

Listen to a selection of the sounds included inside the full library.

AT Prime Bass - Cables 138 G

AT Prime Bass - Cocoon 134 A

AT Prime Bass - Mini 134 A#

AT Prime Chord - Vibe 138 C#

AT Prime Drum - Cyber 138 Full

AT Prime Drum - Mover 134 Full

AT Prime Drum - Twisted 138 Full

AT Prime Pad - Dream 134 Gm

AT Prime Pad - Rising 134 A

AT Prime Percussion - Blackhole 138

AT Prime Percussion - Live 134

AT Prime Percussion - Saturated 134

AT Prime Percussion - Skip 138

AT Prime Synth - Pattern 134 C#

AT Prime Texture - Fusion 138

AT Prime Texture - Illustrated 138

AT Prime Texture - Wicked 138

AT Prime Top - Fast 138

AT Prime Top - Heavy 138

AT Prime Top - Modern 138

AT Prime Top - Silo 138

PRIME // Standard Edition

  • 518 x Loop Samples
  • 185 x Single Drum Hit Samples
PRIME // Deluxe Edition

  • 148 x MIDI Files
  • 518 x Loop Samples
  • 185 x Single Drum Hit Samples


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