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Over 1000 samples crafted from a selection of modular synths and the iconic Buchla Easel Command synthesizer, offering a unique fusion of vintage warmth and futuristic innovation.


Crafted with modular synths and the iconic Buchla Easel command synthesizer, this extraordinary collection offers a unique fusion of vintage warmth and futuristic innovation, delivering a palette of sounds that will ignite your imagination and redefine your music production experience.

Hypnotics hooks

Unearth a treasure trove of meticulously recorded and expertly processed modular techno samples, primed to deliver the raw energy and signature character of the underground scene.

Huge collection

One of our largest sample libraries to date! Featuring over 1000 samples. Split into 127, 129, 130 & 131 BPM, this library is packed with energetic building blocks. All 100% royalty-free to use in your productions.

Sample Previews

Listen to a selection of the sounds included inside the full library.

AT Pause Chord - Filtered 129 cm

AT Pause Drum - Function 129 Full

AT Pause Drum - Purple 129 Full

AT Pause Drum - Thunder 129 Full

AT Pause Drum - Zone 129 Full

AT Pause FX - Cinematic 127

AT Pause FX - Horizon 127

AT Pause Pad - Connection 129 d#m

AT Pause Pad - Degrade 127 d#m

AT Pause Pad - Tilt 129 d#m

AT Pause Percussion - Bubbles 127

AT Pause Percussion - Galactic 127

AT Pause Percussion - Universe 127

AT Pause Percussion - Xenith 130

AT Pause Sub - Coating 127 A#

AT Pause Synth - Buckle 127 fm

AT Pause Synth - Saturate 130 cm

AT Pause Texture - Choir 127

AT Pause Texture - Crinkle 127

AT Pause Texture - Current 127

AT Pause Texture - Feedback 127


Audio WAV Loops


Single Hit Drum Samples


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