Orb // Chord Stab Loops

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The thought process behind Orb was to compose a collection of rhythmical chord stabs. The type of chords that help lay the foundation. Delivering that hypnotic groove that we all know too well on the dancefloor. These stab layers are frequently overlooked by producers, especially when looking to add more energy to a track. Inside the download you will have access to 107 loops recorded at 128 bpm. Don’t expect full chord progressions with Orb, this pack is all about those signature, sometimes one chord patterns. Explore the sound of Orb.

Sample Previews

Listen to a selection of the sounds included inside the sample library.

001 AT Orb Chord - Rave 128bpm Gm

003 AT Orb Chord - Sound 128bpm C

040 AT Orb Chord - Hitter 128bpm C#

045 AT Orb Chord - Toca 128bpm B

058 AT Orb Chord - Yella 128bpm A

072 AT Orb Chord - Dampf 128bpm G

083 AT Orb Chord - Tool 128bpm F

096 AT Orb Chord - Dropper 128bpm B

104 AT Orb Chord - Chug 128bpm D#


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