Minilog // Korg Minilogue Presets

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107 Carefully crafted Korg Minilogue melodic progressive Techno presets. Release your Minilogue’s full potential.
Minilog - Choose your download: Minilog // Standard Edition


Each and every sound has been handcrafted and carefully designed to provide maximum inspiration. Minilog comes complete with Bass, Leads, Plucks, Pads, Arps, Chord Stabs and FX offering a wealth of musical possibilities.

Choose Minilog Deluxe and add even more creative options with an additional 107 Loops, 107 MIDI and 107 presets.

Each wav loop comes complete with both the midi and synth patch used to create it, giving you the opportunity to deconstruct and learn from each and every sound.

Release the full potential of your Korg Minilogue…

Exploring the waveshaping possibilities...

The Korg Minilogue allows for very creative sound design thanks to the excellent oscillator waveshaping capabilities.
These core parameters allowed our sound designers to develop truly unique and playable patches.

Each preset has an accompanying MIDI loop. Enabling you to visualise the articulation of each sound. Multiple synth parameters have been automated and recorded inside the MIDI files. These will help you to discover the full depth and potential of each preset. Our creative team worked on both the Korg Minilogue & Korg Minilogue Limited Edition Platinum Grey. This ensured that the presets will work perfectly on either synthesiser.

* Please note: This preset library is not compatible with the newer Korg Minilogue XD.


Preset Previews

AT ARP Tower 126bpm cm

AT BS Absent 126bpm cm

AT BS Badge 126bpm d#m

AT BS Low 126bpm F

AT BS Sync 126bpm C

AT FX Area 126bpm G#

AT LD Bug 126bpm d#m

AT LD Flutt 126bpm c#m

AT LD Loyal 126bpm cm

AT LD Old 126bpm cm

AT LD Polar 126bpm cm

AT PD Fold 126bpm fm

AT PD Sky 126bpm fm

AT PD Solar 126bpm am

AT PL Digi 126bpm F

AT PL Steep 126bpm cm

AT ST Digi 126bpm D

AT ST Skool 126bpm c#m

Standard Edition

For producers that want the WAV loops

  • 107 Melodic WAV Loops
Preset Edition

For producers that want the Minilogue presets

  • 107 Korg Minilogue Presets
Deluxe Edition

For producers that want the full toolkit!

  • 107 Korg Minilogue Presets
  • 107 Matching MIDI Files
  • 107 Melodic WAV Loops


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