Matter // Arturia Matrix-12 V

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Matter offers prestigious craftsmanship inside each of the 107 presets for Arturia’s Matrix-12 V Synthesizer.
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Every feature of the plugin has been utilised. Unlocking the full potential of this powerful software synth. Solid round bass-lines, upfront leads, unique plucks and three-dimensional pads.

The Arturia Matrix-12 V software captures the true essence of the original Oberheim Matrix-12 analog synthesizer. Including the in-depth matrix modulation. This allowed our engineers to design a huge range of truly unique sounds.

Kickstart your creativity...

Each of the 107 presets has been carefully designed. Lose yourself in the undeniable character of every sound.

Why choose deluxe? With the deluxe edition you will gain access to 107 matching MIDI files. Having a matching preset and MIDI File can be a welcome learning tool. You can see and hear how the preset was designed to be used. Which octave range, the spacing between notes, velocity amounts and more.

To use the presets you will need to already own:
Arturia Matrix-12 V VST/AU v2.3.2.1889 or higher


Preset Previews

006 AT Bass - Neo 124bpm fm

009 AT Bass - Matter 124bpm f#m

015 AT Bass - Stellar 124bpm fm

019 AT Bass - Medusa 124bpm gm

030 AT Lead - Trinity 124bpm cm

036 AT Lead - Anarchy 124bpm gm

047 AT Lead - Lava 124bpm d#m

056 AT Pluck - Magic 124bpm em

061 AT Pluck - Heat 124bpm cm

064 AT Pluck - Bullet 124bpm am

068 AT Pluck - Beauty 124bpm D

074 AT Pluck - Ether 124bpm a#m

083 AT Pad - Water 124bpm dm

097 AT Pad - Coffee 124bpm cm

105 AT Pad - City 124bpm d#m

Standard Edition

For producers that just want the presets.

  • 107 Arturia Matrix-12 V Presets
Deluxe Edition

For producers that want it all!

  • 107 Arturia Matrix-12 V Presets
  • 107 Melodic MIDI Files
  • 107 Key-labelled Melodic Loops
  • 17 Additional Matrix-12 V Presets


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