Mathias Schober // Mixing & Mastering Course

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Mathias Schober is a well established mixing engineer and music producer. With over 20 years experience within the industry. During that time, Mathias has worked with artists Âme, Dixon, Frank Wiedemann, HAAi, Henrik Schwarz, Who Made Who, Marcus Worgull, Roman Flugel, Solomun, Tale of Us, Steve Bug, Switchdance, The Blessed Madonna, Alex Niggemann, Kylie Minogue, Depeche Mode, Kelsey Lu and more.

During this 7+ hour in-depth masterclass studio feed you will learn his mixing and mastering process. Mathias guides you through every channel and decision he made when mixing 4 different tracks;
• Nabihah Iqbal - Zone 1 to 6000 (Frank Wiedemann Remix)
• The Blessed Madonna - Strength
• Âme - Pink Elephant
• Amine K - Hyperion (Mathias Schober Remix)

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Discover the mixing & mastering process on 4 different tracks



Learn advanced techniques for mixing & mastering

7+ Hours

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Lesson Plan

  1. Introduction - What will be covered during the next 7+ hours. [4 mins]
  2. Track 1 // Nabihah Iqbal - Zone 1 to 6000 (Frank Wiedemann Remix) - Explaining the drum group processing. [14 mins]
  3. Bass Processing - Processing all bass channels as a bass group. [14 min]
  4. Vocal - Main vocal group processing. [16 mins]
  5. Synth & FX - Processing the synth group. Adding depth to the FX group. [16 mins]
  6. Kick Drum Layering - How the 3 kick drums were EQ'd and processed to make the final kick drum. [29 mins]
  7. Individual Drum Sounds - Going through the processing on each of the individual drum channels. [23 mins]
  8. Hi-Hats - How to make the hi-hats present. Using shimmer to add depth and space. [10 mins]
  9. Bass Layers - How the bass was layered and procesed. [16 mins]
  10. Synth Elements - Processing the individual synth channels. [32 mins]
  11. Vocals - Going through the individual vocal stems. [14 mins]
  12. Send and Returns - An in-depth look into my 7 send/return effect channels and their role in this mix. [12 mins]
  13. Mastering - The final mastering chain. [22 mins]
  14. Track 2 // The Blessed Madonna - Strength - How the Pro Tools project session is setup. Explaining the routing for bus and send effects. [20 mins]
  15. Kick Drum - All of the processing on the kick drum explained. [19 mins]
  16. Drums - In-depth chapter on how the drums were processed. [39 mins]
  17. FX & Vocals - How the individual FX and vocal stems were mixed. [35 mins]
  18. Send and Returns - Discussing the thought process of the send/return effect chains [8 mins]
  19. Mastering - The final master bus settings used to deliver a clean and powerful mix. [19 mins]
  20. Track 3 // Âme - The Pink Elephant - The full breakdown of the mixing and mastering project. [22 mins]
  21. Track 4 // Amine K - Hyperion (Mathias Schober Remix) - Opening the project file and explaining the mixing and mastering. [17 mins]
  22. Tips for Mixing Kick & Bass - How to get your kick and bass to work well together. 5 different techniques that you can use in your own productions. [17 mins]
  23. Q&A - Neil & Ed ask their questions to Mathias. Discussing the studio setup, workflow and technical information. [25 mins]

Additional Information:
Mathias uses Pro Tools for The Blessed Madonna - Strength mixdown. All other lessons are produced inside Ableton Live.

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