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Utilising the new features available in Hive 2. Pushing wavetables, shape sequencer & function generators to their absolute limit.


One of our main goals when designing synth presets is to ensure each sound can help you develop a new track idea. This is achieved by creating highly detailed patches.
The kind of sounds that jump out of your speakers, twisting & modulating in weird and wonderful ways. Leaving you with the question “How was that sound made!?”

Marble utilises the new features available in Hive 2. Pushing the wavetables, shape sequencer and function generators to their absolute limit.


Wavetable Engines. Start using the sounds that are not possible in other methods of synthesis. Accelerate Your Productivity. Just want to get tracks finished? Use state of the art presets and save countless hours tweaking.

Liking the sound so much? Deconstruct the preset to reveal it’s design, architecture and modulation paths. Extract this knowledge and put your own twist, make it yours!

Every single preset contains a detailed description as well as appropriate tagging. Find what you are looking for with ease!

To use the presets you will need to already own:
u-he Hive 2 v2.0.1 or higher


Presets Previews

Exact preset examples. No external processing applied.

002 AT Marble Bass - Source

021 AT Marble Bass - Monster

023 AT Marble Bass - Obsidic

031 AT Marble Lead - Sunrise

038 AT Marble Lead - Dreams

050 AT Marble Lead - Elentari

051 AT Marble Lead - Substance

063 AT Marble Key - Nostalgia

063 AT Marble Pad - Percupad

085 AT Marble Pad - Blurred

094 AT Marble Pad - Purity

099 AT Marble Seq - Rounds


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