Lithium // Full-Size Library

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A giant collection of upfront warehouse techno samples. Every corner of production covered. Giving you instant access to everything you need to make music now.


Immerse yourself in the world of hybrid sounds of analog and digital. Discover the new sonic imprint for your music.

Inspiring textures

Layer rhythmic textures to get an instant depth of field in your tracks. From modular-inspired percussion to industrial sequences, there is enough variation to fit a variety of moods.

Power and definition

Let the sounds cut through the mix without the need to spend hours processing. Add instant power, warmth and grit to your mixes.

Sample Previews

Listen to a selection of the sounds included inside the full library.

05 AT Lithium Sub - Yeah 128

12 AT Lithium Bass - Numbers 128 C

28 AT Lithium Bass - Almost a Kick 128 A

02 AT Lithium Synth - Euro 128

16 AT Lithium Synth - Oldschool 128 D

23 AT Lithium Synth - Uppy 128 D

013 AT Lithium Drum - Cuff Full 128

05 AT Lithium Texture - Stomp 128

11 AT Lithium Texture - Tribe 128

21 AT Lithium Texture - Yeah 125

07 AT Lithium FX - Zapp

10 AT Lithium Top - Liquid 128bpm

11 AT Lithium Top - Second 128bpm

16 AT Lithium Top - Scale 128bpm

29 AT Lithium Top - Drape 128bpm

11 AT Lithium Chord - Classic 128 D#

14 AT Lithium Percussion - Overhang 128bpm

17 AT Lithium Percussion - Cave 128bpm

25 AT Lithium Percussion - Coastline 128bpm

34 AT Lithium Percussion - Arc 128bpm

32 AT Lithium Pad - Diesel 128 B


Audio WAV Loops


Single Hit Drum Samples


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