Kevin Grainger // Mixing & Mastering Course

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Kevin Grainger is a Grammy nominated mix engineer with over 20 billion streams to his name. He has mixed hits for Avicii, Joel Corry, Fisher, Swedish House Mafia, Kenya Grace, Jax Jones, Charli XCX, Becky Hill, Pink Pantheress, Steve Angello, KSI, and Duke Dumont amongst many others.
He has developed a world class reputation for dynamic and emotive mixes.

Kevin is the co-founder of Wired Masters (formed in 2003) and is based out of their brand-new facility in Wimbledon, South London.

He is currently mixing the new Kenya Grace album and the new Swedish House Mafia album. Recent mixes include “Sebastian Ingrosso & Steve Angello – Skip”, “Bob Marley – Jammin (FISHER Rework)”, “ZHU feat. UPSAHL – Thrill Again” & “Cheat Codes & Birdy - Head Up”.

In this Studio Feed masterclass, Kevin reveals his mixing & mastering process. Covering two mixes from scratch and a third project that he worked on previously.



Discover the mixing & mastering process on 3 different tracks



Learn advanced techniques for mixing & mastering

6 hours

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Lesson Plan

  1. Mix Preparation - Preparing the project and setting up the master chain. [18 mins]
  2. Track 1 - Denis Horvat - Mixing the kick and bass. [16 mins]
  3. Bass Processing - Processing the bass further. [12 min]
  4. Synth & Vocal Editing - Main synth processing to sit in the mix. Fine clip editing of the vocals. [16 mins]
  5. Synth Group Mixing & Master Bus Automation - Processing the synth group. Automation of the master bus for maximum detail and impact. [13 mins]
  6. Adding Elements - Adding additional hi-hats and using saturation for definition. [9 mins]
  7. Final Adjustments - Fine details in order to achieve a loud master [15 mins]
  8. Track 2 - Alex Metric & Dot Major - See This Through - Explaining the mastering chain [12 mins]
  9. The Mix - Looking into how each sound was processed inside the final project [20 mins]
  10. Track 3 - Ditian - Setting up the project. [18 mins]
  11. Processing The Individual Elements - Getting the low end tight and controlled [25 mins]
  12. Delivering The Master - Final adjustments and edits. [13 mins]
  13. Q&A Part 1 - We put out questions to Kevin. Covering his thought process on limiting, creating width in the mix and tips for getting you kick drum to punch through. [17 mins]
  14. Q&A Part 2 - Parallel processing tricks, favourite plugins, how to prepare your track before sending to an engineer, use of multi-band compression. [14 mins]
  15. Q&A Part 3 - Thoughts on boosting/cutting with digital EQ's, gain staging with plugins, sample rates, how to deliver a loud master, metering, master bus compression, mastering engineers' secret weapon and more. [25 mins]
  16. Live Q&A - Your questions answered by Kevin in the post course live Q&A call. [112 mins]

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