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Introducing "Hypnosis" – a groundbreaking raw/hypnotic techno sample library developed for the bold and the avant-garde in electronic music production. Dive into a land where darkness meets experimentation, where pulsating rhythms merge with hypnotic textures, and where the boundaries of sonic exploration are pushed to their limits.
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Harness the power of gritty percussion loops, dusty atmospheres, and hypnotic modular sequences. With over 700 samples to choose from "Hypnosis" provides endless track ideas and creativity.

Unique Sound Palette

Using modular synthesis in the sound design process encourages experimentation and exploration, often leading to unexpected discoveries. Explore new sonic territories as you warp, twist, and morph each element to suit your creative vision.

Get Ideas Down Fast

Bypass the technical challenges associated with modular synthesis and focus on creativity. Save time and streamline your production process. Quickly integrate unique modular sounds into your tracks without the need for specialised equipment or extensive patching.

Sample Previews

Listen to a selection of the sounds included inside the full library.

AT Hypnosis Bass - Dark 137 C

AT Hypnosis Chord - Klock 137 Cm.wav

AT Hypnosis Drum - Knot 137 Full

AT Hypnosis Drum - Koln 137 Full

AT Hypnosis Drum - Signal 137 Full

AT Hypnosis Percussion - Fragments 137

AT Hypnosis Percussion - Line 137

AT Hypnosis Percussion - Panic 137

AT Hypnosis Percussion - Reversed 137

AT Hypnosis Percussion - Roland 137

AT Hypnosis Percussion - Vermona 137

AT Hypnosis Synth - Anubis 137 Cm

AT Hypnosis Synth - Metallic 137 Cm

AT Hypnosis Synth - Utopia 137 C

AT Hypnosis Texture - Dark 137

AT Hypnosis Texture - Future 137

AT Hypnosis Texture - Hypnotik 137

AT Hypnosis Texture - Void 137

AT Hypnosis Top - Emphasis 137

AT Hypnosis Top - Modular 137

AT Hypnosis Top - Selector 137

Standard Edition

  • 518 x Loop Samples
  • 185 x Single Drum Hit Samples
Deluxe Edition

  • 518 x Loop Samples
  • 185 x Single Drum Hit Samples
  • 148 x MIDI Files


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