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An exclusive library of drum loops, one-shot samples and Sylenth1 presets.

Drum Loops

Reignite your collection of drums by adding tightly programmed and processed drum top loops, percussion loops as well as rhythmical textures. These will add impact and character to your drum section.

27 x Drum Top Loops
27 x Percussion Loops
27 x Texture Loops

Drum Hits

Open up a new avenue of creativity with a collection of expertly crafted drum hits. Ranging from tight and punchy kick drums to crisp hi-hats. These samples will find their way into your new production projects.

27 x Kick Drums (Key Labeled)
27 x Snares
27 x Claps
27 x Hi-Hats
27 x Percussion

Sylenth1 Presets

Further expand your library of Sylenth1 sounds by adding 17 cutting edge presets. Infuse your music with modular inspired sequences and spaced out FX.

Only compatible with Sylenth v3.067 or higher.

10 x Sequences
7 x FX

Sample Previews

Listen to a selection of the sounds included inside the full library.

06 AT Hertz Texture - Percido 126

10 AT Hertz Texture - Founder 126

24 AT Hertz Texture - Stamp 126

27 AT Hertz Texture - Magnetic 126

08 AT Hertz Perc - Journey 126

15 AT Hertz Perc - Latch 126

25 AT Hertz Perc - Favor 126

11 AT Hertz Top - Mechanics 126

16 AT Hertz Top - Reflections 126

22 AT Hertz Top - Charakter 126

011 AT Seq - Darkness

013 AT Seq - Getaway


Audio WAV Loops


Single Hit Drum Samples


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