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A collection of racks that deliver vintage characteristics. Highlighting the idiosyncrasies tape saturation, wow/flutter and vinyl bring to the table.


Introducing Fossil, seven powerful and practical racks for Ableton Live.

The concept was to design a collection of racks that deliver aged/vintage characteristics. Highlighting the idiosyncrasies that tape saturation, wow/flutter and vinyl bring to the table.

Our team dedicated a great deal of time into research and development for each rack. Matching specific EQ curves for that trademark tape bump and learning the signal path for a specific 8-bit filterbox.

These custom designed racks will save you hours of tweaking and enable you to be more creative with your time.



Emulation of tape-like characteristics. Smooth compression, tape bump EQ curve, flutter, drive. Noise control and distortion.


A vinyl toolbox to add grit to the source sound. Ability to add noise, crackle, drive, phase distortion.


A combination of distortion and filter to age and mangle sounds. Band pass fx, 8-bit sample reduction and waveshaping capabilities. Delivering more flavour and crunch.

Dusty Delay

Space Echo inspired dub-delay. The source sound can be altered with compression and EQ. Wet delay signal can be distorted and filtered. Bass, treble and feedback controls.

Distortion Box

Multiband distortion, from soft to extreme settings. Heavy compression with artifacts, pumping, breathing. Useful for adding vintage tone to any drum bus.


Modulation effect that sounds old. Extreme wow/flutter for vintage drift in pitch. Controls to go from clean to dirty saturated compression.

Space Station

A combination of delay and reverb that sounds quirky and peculiar. Two delays in series with different delay times for a spaced out multitap experience.


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