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Pioneering audio sample innovation. Fluid FX delivers 107 carefully created FX loops. Each sample is fine tuned with precision processing. Maintaining the highest quality of audio excellence.

Discover every subtle variation of sound, from the extensive modulation, to panning subtleties and delicate nuances of micro-sound post processing. The result is sound expression beyond anything you've ever heard or felt before.

Sample Previews

Listen to a selection of the sounds included inside the sample library.

007 AT Fluid FX - 124bpm G

021 AT Fluid FX - 124bpm

040 AT Fluid FX - 124bpm F

051 AT Fluid FX - 126bpm F#

056 AT Fluid FX - 126bpm F

073 AT Fluid FX - 126bpm F

086 AT Fluid FX - 126bpm E

103 AT Fluid FX - 126bpm C#

105 AT Fluid FX - 126bpm


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